Logo Design for Boroughs of New York


Distinctly NY. Authentic, unpretentious, emblematic. Genuine love for pizza. Founders from NYC.

We had a fun on-site briefing visit for this assignment! These New Yorkers have a genuine love of pizza. You taste it in every pizza they cook. You see it in their enthusiastic interaction with their clients. They asked us for a distinctly NYC logo, a little quirky, but instantly recognisable. We figured that the Statue of Liberty needed to be there. We figured the logo needed to be round like a pizza. It needed to be bold and a little bit brash, but unpretentious as well: authentic New York.

We wanted just the right mix of precision (food has to be good) and creativity (food with flair). So we created something that ‘floats’ on a background of people and pizza. We ‘fired’ it so it sizzles in the flames, because that’s what happens to pizza. The letters are a bit quirky, not fully in a straight line, and this geometry is powerful – reflecting the unique style of these pizzas.

This logo works as gold on white, white on black,  and fired up in the flames. We also created a three-dimensional version, because these pizzas stand out from the crowd. It not only rotates, but also changes plane. The logo, just like these great pizzas, is alive, dynamic and appealing.

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