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We were thrilled to be asked to design the logo for the Graham Tour of Australia in February, 2019. In 1959, Billy Graham, acclaimed as the 20th century’s greatest Christian preacher, conducted evangelistic crusades across Australia, having a profound impact on hundreds of thousands of people. Franklin Graham followed in his father’s footsteps to preach this 60th anniversary tour to large crowds in every city.

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This logo was used on all signage and material produced for the tour, and it has become a symbol of the message preached right across Australia. We’re grateful that the Graham Foundation entrusted us with this task, and has now asked us to produce material for other campaigns.

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The Christian Gospel message is at the heart of the Graham Crusades. Our handwritten ‘g’ represents both “Graham” and “Gospel”; it extends with a flourish to the lower case “t” of “tour”, which forms a Cross – the abiding symbol of Christianity. Thus, the Gospel and the Cross are intertwined.