Logo Design for Change Management Institute

Change is the new stability! When the Change Management Institute gave us their brief for a new logo, their passion for their work was infectious.
They’re not just about change for its own sake. These are highly motivated people at the top of their game, committed to providing a strong support network
for change management professionals. They’re helping to push the boundaries of the possible. We chose four key concepts to build the logo: “C” for “Change”,
the idea of progress, partnership and common objectives.


Our chunky “C” becomes a hexagon that starts out slightly elongated, and moves to a final, green symmetrical hexagon. That sense of partnership and common objects is enhanced by the arms of the hexagon, with its suggestion of a strong, enclosed network for its members.

Finally, the angularity of the design carries the subtle message of rugged engineering: a robust, professional approach to change management. It’s the combination of all three concepts in the logo that helps to communicate the value of this organisation.

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