Logo Design for Chrysalis Psychology Perth

Hi Jesujoba, I’m now pleased to present my new ideas and concepts for Chrysalis Psychology Perth. Each logo created is approached with the larger brand perspective in mind, how it appears on signage, print, uniforms, digital media and various other applications. 

Concept 1A: Logo Design for Chrysalis Psychology Perth

The Chrysalis Psychology logo features a sophisticated and modern design, with a dark green background that symbolises growth and stability. The central element is a stylized “C” intertwined with a minimalist butterfly silhouette, representing transformation and mental well-being. The text “Chrysalis Psychology” is elegantly rendered in a gold font, adding a touch of professionalism and warmth. The location “Perth” is prominently displayed below, grounding the practice in its local context. This logo effectively conveys the essence of psychological growth and the supportive environment provided by Chrysalis Psychology.

Concept 2A: Logo Design for Chrysalis Psychology Perth

This 2nd Chrysalis Psychology concept features a refined and contemporary design, which conveys a sense of calm and neutrality. The central motif is an abstract, golden figure that resembles both a butterfly and a human form, symbolising transformation, growth, and the human experience. The name “Chrysalis Psychology” is displayed below in an elegant, dark green font, reflecting professionalism and trust. The location “Perth” is neatly positioned underneath, linking the practice to its community. This logo encapsulates the essence of psychological transformation and the supportive environment offered by Chrysalis Psychology.

Concept 3A: Logo Design for Chrysalis Psychology Perth

The Chrysalis Psychology logo features a modern and serene design with a light grey background, evoking a sense of calm and balance. The central image is a dual-tone green silhouette of a human face transitioning into a butterfly, symbolising personal growth and transformation. This visual metaphor captures the essence of psychological evolution and the journey towards mental wellness. The text “Chrysalis Psychology” is elegantly set in a dark green font, indicating professionalism and trust, with “Perth” situated below, grounding the practice in its local community. This logo effectively communicates the core values of Chrysalis Psychology, emphasising support, growth, and transformation.

In Summary…

I hope you like the designs so far, and the ideas that formed them. Each concept have been rendered and mocked on various surfaces to give you a perspective of how each will look when applied. Once you have viewed the designs, please send your feedback to [email protected]. We will continue the conversation via email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Daniel Sim
PS: Please note that all copyright and ownership of presented designs and ideas remains the property of Daniel Sim until the final payment is confirmed for project. They are not to be distributed or displayed publicly without prior permission. Failure to comply will result in a breach of copyright.

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