Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

Hi Georgia, Patrick, I’m now pleased to present several ideas for the logo refinement.

Each logo created is approached with the larger brand perspective in mind, how it appears on signage, print, digital media, uniforms and various other applications.

Concept 1: Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

In this initial refinement, my aim was to give the shield design a more distinct and defined edge. The previous design with its softer edges didn’t create the desired contrast with the internal letterform edges. I also selected a bolder typeface for the name to enhance clarity and impact.


Concept 2: Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

In this second refinement, I’ve continued with the same approach but made the colours slightly more bold. I’ve also opted for a more elegant and established font for the name. This choice imparts a sense of trustworthiness and combines well with the forward-looking icon.

Concept 3: Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

Building upon the initial two designs, I’ve enhanced the gradient to illustrate a smooth transition from light to dark. This gradient symbolises the various layers and depths of your services.

Concept 3A: Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

In this design, I’ve returned to the slightly extended and overlapping arm. In this particular version, I’ve also fine-tuned the centered ‘U’ so that when the icon is positioned above the name, the angles fits above the  ‘U’.

Concept 3B: Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

I’ve utilised the original typeface and tailored it to impart a sense of flow to the name. The sharp edges are deliberate, aiming to convey precision and also a cutting-edge quality of service.

Concept 4: Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

In this additional design concept, my goal was to introduce a fresh and somewhat abstract idea. The icon not only represents the initials SCG but also incorporates directional arrows pointing in opposite directions, subtly alluding to the flow of data in and out.

Concept 5: Logo Design for Securus Consulting Group

In this bonus design, the idea was to craft an abstract layered ‘S’ enclosed within a frame. This design embodies the ideas of layered protection and the framework of safeguarding.

In Summary…

I hope you like the designs so far, and the ideas that formed them. Each concept have been rendered and mocked on various surfaces to give you a perspective of how each will look when applied. Once you have viewed the designs, please send your feedback to [email protected]. We will continue the conversation via email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Daniel Sim
PS: Please note that all copyright and ownership of presented designs and ideas remains the property of Daniel Sim until the final payment is confirmed for project. They are not to be distributed or displayed publicly without prior permission. Failure to comply will result in a breach of copyright.

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