Logo Design for SingWhys

Hi Kelsey, I’m now pleased to present my design concepts for SingWhys.

Each logo created is approached with the larger brand perspective in mind, how it appears on signage, print, digital media, uniforms and various other applications.

My aim for this particular project was to create a logo or an icon that would reflect a high level of proficiency but yet still approachable and meaningful.

Concept 1: Logo Design for SingWhys

In this initial design, my aim was to craft a clean and sophisticated monogram for ‘SW.’ I found the concept of overlapping layers compelling, and I included the tagline ‘with Kelsey Giarola’ during the transition phase. This addition helps clients recognise you as the primary vocal coach.


Concept 2: Logo Design for SingWhys

In the following concept, I aimed to elevate the monogram concept by incorporating a songbird that gracefully follows the curve of the ‘S.’ This concept offers a distinctive design element that can be applied consistently across your merchandise, marketing materials, and digital platforms. The addition of the bird symbolises freedom and the art of singing, adding a unique touch to your brand.

Concept 3: Logo Design for SingWhys

This was actually my initial idea: to seamlessly blend the treble clef, a graphical element, with the name. This approach maintains a clean, dynamic, and simple overall design. Additionally, it provides flexibility by allowing the inclusion of the tagline to the right of the design, and the design can be used both with and without the tagline.

Concept 4: Logo Design for SingWhys

This additional design features a bold and concise name with the subtle addition of the Songbird perched on the ‘G’. The word ‘Sing’ is intentionally emphasised to create contrast with ‘Whys’. If necessary, you can replace the tagline with another line; it’s included here for reference.

Concept 5: Logo Design for SingWhys

Following the same line of thought with the perched songbird.

Concept 6: Logo Design for SingWhys

This final bonus design includes the monogram framed by a vintage condenser mic. 

In Summary…

I hope you like the designs so far, and the ideas that formed them. Each concept have been rendered and mocked on various surfaces to give you a perspective of how each will look when applied. Once you have viewed the designs, please send your feedback to [email protected]. We will continue the conversation via email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Daniel Sim
PS: Please note that all copyright and ownership of presented designs and ideas remains the property of Daniel Sim until the final payment is confirmed for project. They are not to be distributed or displayed publicly without prior permission. Failure to comply will result in a breach of copyright.

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